Coolit Ceram Masonry Primer


Coolit Ceram Masonry Primer is a water-based sealer/primer/undercoat designed to be used on exterior and interior concrete, cementious or fired terracotta tile surfaces principally for use under heat reflective coatings. The ceramic alloy component aids in the filling on uneven surfaces and optimizes for maximum heat reflectivity for temperature abatement. Coolit Ceram Masonry Primer is designed to be top-coated with the Coolit Ceram Colour coatings for heat minimisation mainly on cement or terracotta tiled roofs and cement based wall cladding; but can be used where-ever ambient heat build-up minimisation on external surfaces is required. Coolit Ceram Masonry Primer is part of a coating system that must be topcoated with two (2) coats of Coolit Ceram Colour.

Features & Benefits:

• Water based
• Excellent adhesion


Approximately 4-10m2 per litre depending on application method.

Sizes Available:


Colour Range:

Available in White.

Application Method:

*Refer to relevant Technical Data Sheets for specific application information.

Clean Up:



Technical Data Sheet

Material Data Sheet