Multi Purpose Undercoat


Multi Purpose Undercoat is a premium quality oil based interior/exterior primer and undercoat with excellent filling and sanding properties. It provides superior gloss retention for further topcoats. Can be recoated with either Luxury Paints water or oil based topcoats.

Features & Benefits:

• Easy to apply with excellent filling, flow and opacity
• Can be used as an undercoat for either water based or oil based paints where extra flexibility or timber nourishment is required particularly on old exterior timber cladding
• Can be used on a wide range of interior/exterior surfaces


Approximately 12-14m2 per litre depending on surface porosity.

Sizes Available:


Colour Range:

Available in White which may be tinted to light pastel colours.

Application Method:

*Refer to relevant Technical Data Sheets for specific application information.

Clean Up:

Mineral Turpentine


Technical Data Sheet

Material Data Sheet